Pull-out pantry

How to Get Your Kitchen Organized

Kitchen – a magical place where all delicious dishes are made with love and caring. But in order to create magic, kitchen has to be cleaned with everything is in their place ready to use. A messy kitchen definitely is not a place where good dishes come out. But having organized kitchen is not easy and sometimes, things mess up again later which is probably frustrated. But nothing is impossible! This article will give you some recommendation that can turn your kitchen into a beautiful organized place that everyone could dream of.

Categorizing As Much As Possible

The very first thing that can get you closer to a perfect organized kitchen is categorizing. Start to group similar items by use will save your time and effort in cleaning later. Here are some useful tips for organizing.

Divided drawer

Store items by use: It is annoying when you need a lid and have to run around your kitchen to find it. Put all the items that are similar in use in one place. Based on the frequency of use, you can place them in visible place like lower shelf, in the reach of hand or in remote areas. Some kitchen wares should be well organized, such as:

  • Spoon, knifes, chopsticks, cutlery: These tiny things can stress you out if you keep them together. Using small boxes, containers, baskets to store them separately. A small tip is to divide your drawer into small sections so you will never to rummage around for them.
  • Lids: hanging them against the wall or using lid racks can recuse you from lid disaster. Place lid racks neatly near pots and pans storage for more convenience.
  • Plastic containers: File plastic container and their tops in the same drawer, divide the drawer in to sections for the tops and the containers to keep them readily locatable.
  • Plates, cups, bowl, ect.,: Store these kitchenware in different shelves or drawers so you can know exactly where is your favorite plate located. Using racks for plates is recommended.

Storing Food: Food arrangement can reduce wasting food and ingredients, help keeping your food fresh and make them easy to find.

  • Fridge: Divide your fridge into particular areas for each type of food like vegetables, meats, fish or cooked food. Using box and containers or plastic bags is very helpful. Keep the rule “first in, first out” and checking the expired date of the food.
  • Snack: Keep your snack organized and reachable for your kids by storing them in baskets with labels on it. You could do the same with other ingredients that share the same characteristics. Categorizing shelves in food storage is useful too.

Start Hanging

Hanging kitchenware

For some small kitchen with limited space, hanging is a wonderful choice to save space and get all things in orders. The strategy is not to let any of your wall empty by using:

Wall hangers or holders:  you can hang many things like aprons, dish towers or you can put hooks on the wall for rags, gloves, kitchenware like pots, pans, spoons. Back of the door or on the cabinet door can also be a perfect place for hanging things. The drawback of wall hangers/hooks is the limited weight it could bear.

Steel hanging kitchen racks: some utensils are too heavy for hanger to carry, therefore, if you want to utilize your spare wall, install steel or wood hanging rack. The rack allows you to keep your cups, bowls, or spice together on the wall. The common place is above the stove, sinks or near cooking areas so you can reach out for them anytime.

By hanging your kitchenware, your kitchen will look neat and tidy.

Get Your Kitchen Well Designed

Take advantage of every inch of your kitchen. Every spare space can be a potential storage for kitchenware. Smart design can make your kitchen twice as big as it seems. So let start to find those hidden treasure

Pull-out pantry

  • Small Cabinet to Pull-out Pantry: pull-out pantry can allow you to store many things than a usual cabinet. Dividing the pantry into small shelves can help you keep all of spices, jars or dry food organized. The best thing about pull-out pantry is its accessibility. You don’t have to take all things out to find ketchup at the bottom of the cabinet with this design.
  • Hidden place: Don’t forget the top of your shelves or under your shelves. You can place a lot of things in these areas. Space beneath your stove, slide of your lower cabinets, skinny space between refrigerator and the wall are potential. By installing slim slide-out shelving in those places, you than have another storage in your kitchen.
  • Don’t give up on oddly-sized cabinet/areas: For cabinets having odd shape, looking for way to utilize them. You can install special designed shelves in those areas for making more room.

Other Small Tips

  • Get everything that you don’t use in the kitchen out of the there. All those stuff can take up your space and make your kitchen look messier. You should also put away things that you don’t use daily such as fancy dishes, cooking equipment like mini stoves, blender,ect., to make room for another kitchenware.
  • Keep a junk drawer where you put all the small things like tapes, lighter, ect., so you can easily reach it later.
  • Consider see-through storage for saving time finding stuffs and ingredients.
  • Putting labels on jars, basket or drawers also a smart way to get your kitchen organized so even without visual appearance, you can still find what you need in a minute.
  • Divide one big trash bin into smaller ones with recycling purposes. Hanging a roller for trash plastic bag near the trash bins so you can handily replace them with new one in one go.