Fruits and vegetables

Hacks for Veggies and Fruits

Fruits and vegetables

Fresh vegetables and fruits are easily got rotten and also hard to perverse for long period, even if you try to keep them in fridge. And it is waste of money for buying food to throw it away latter. But going to market or supermarket daily is too time-consuming. So below are few tips for you to keep you vegetables and fruits around longer than normal:

Put paper tower/tissues in the vegetable storage bag: We usually store vegetable in plastic containers, plastic bags or drawers and put them in refrigerator. Before doing that, put few sheets of paper towers into vegetable bag. The tower will absorb the condensation which is the result of chilling vegetables under cool condition. This is the way to keep the moisture stay in your fresh food longer as well as keep your fridge from bad odor and gunk from rotten food.

Keep bananas together: The best way to preserve banana and prevent them from going brown is not separate them before eating. If you are not going to eat them right away, wrap the stems with some plastic wrap. This can give you three or five more days of fresh delicious bananas.

Apple with potatoes: Potatoes are yummy but not when they are sprouted. Sprouted potatoes are poisoned and can give you a trip to hospital if you include them in your dinner. However, potatoes are often offered in bags and if you don’t preserve them well, you will have to throw away half of potatoes bag. The tip is putting an apple into your potatoes bag. The apple will produce ethylene gas that keeps potatoes fresher and firmer.

Apple with nothing else: However, the ethylene gas just works on potatoes only. If you store apples with other vegetables and fruits, they will make your foods spoiled faster. So remember to put apples in separated plastic bag in the fridge, stay away from everything else.

Berries and vinegar: Berries are delicious fruits yet expensive as they are. And in spite of it price, this fruit has “short temper” when it comes to preservation. However, you can extend their existence in your fridge by washing them with vinegar with the ratio 1 cup vinegar with three cups of water. The vinegar will help to kill the mold spores and bacteria. And make sure you dry your berries thoroughly before putting them in fridge.


Keep tomatoes in natural condition: The cool condition, unfortunately, will reduce not only tomatoes flavor but also their juicy texture. The fact is, other veggies should be keep in cool dark, place, away from sun like storage rather than staying in refrigerator. So if you want to maintain your tomatoes flavor, store them on a counter instead!

Choose foil over plastic wrap for celery: The plastic wrap will prevent the spoiled gas from escaping which will ruin your celery within a week or two. To avoid this incident, after you buy celery from supermarket, unwrap them and wrap foil around instead. This tip will give your celery more time to stay fresh than usual.

Storing herbs

Storing herbs is easy: There are two ways to keep herbs fresh. One, after using some of herbs for your dishes, take a vase or a glass of water and put the remaining into them. Keep them under fresh air and sun (not too direct). This is just like having flower in the kitchen. The second way is finely chopped the herbs, dipped them into olive oil. For convenient use, divide the mixture into small ice cube tray and let them freeze in your fridge. Every time you need fresh herbs, get an ice cube and put them in a hot pan. This will make your herbs stay fresh over a month.

Store mushroom in a paper bag: Mushrooms should be treated with care and they are easy to go mold and spoiled in short time. Moisture is mushrooms’ enemy and put them into plastic storage can quickly give them a go to garbage bin later. Let’s store mushrooms in paper bag. In this way, your mushrooms will stay dry and clean. And if they become too dry, all you need to do is rinse them with water, they will plump back to their figure.

Keep green avocadoes in room temperature: The last thing you want to see in your kitchen is a hard wizen avocado, standing there to remind how sad life is. The tip is not put avocadoes in fridge unless they are ripped. You can check if they are ready or not by pressing against their skin. With the spare after cooking, storing avocadoes flesh with an ice cube in the middle of avocadoes or with some drops of lemon juice, then put them in the fridge. And remember not to let them become too ripped too.

Bring vegetables to life: When storing veggies in fridge, they are usually lost moisture and dehydrated, but are still edible. So don’t make such a waste. Give your veggies some cool water with ice for five to thirty minutes; your vegetables are ready for your dinner.

Keep raisins away from air: Even raisins are hard to go off, but they do get dry and become trash if you don’t store them right. The advice is to put them in glass jar or tub and tighten properly to keep them away from dehydrating in normal condition. And if you raisins shrivel up, soaking them in hot water from one to two hour will give them chance to plump back again.

Additional Tip to Not Get Emotional with Onions:

When it comes to onion, all of us will definitely get emotional. No matter how tough you are, onions always manage to have your tearing eyes. So in order to remain your emotion stability while cooking, we will give you some additional precious tricks:

  • Put the onions in your fridge 15 to 30 minutes before cutting
  • Wear swim goggles to avoid volatile sulfur compound – a molecule produced when you cut an onion which irritates your eyes later
  • Cut onions with a lighting candle besides or under water
  • Put a piece of bread in your mouth in order to absorb the molecule
  • Rub lemon juice on knife before cutting and redo after several cut
  • Don’t cut the onion root and leave it till the end since the tearing fumes are concentrated in the root