Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 in Review

Priya in Heels

Every book release is a major time for any author, and in 2014 I went through grueling edits, marked and accepted my very last word, sailed through the highs of seeing my book cover for the first time, the nervous attacks of release day, and the roller-coaster that is promo-crunch-time. It was hard work, dedication, and joy. No matter the good or bad, what matters the most is the feeling of pure happiness when readers tell me how much they loved my book. How they laughed and cried and rooted for my characters as if they were real is something that I can’t even explain. It’s a wonderful accomplishment that I’m able to share with others, something that they can enjoy. Also, my editor is the bomb-diggity.


Boy, did I do a lot of personal traveling in 2014! It begin in February with my girls vacation to NYC, having dinner with a favorite author, making new friends, and enjoying NYC after so long.

We went to Hawaii! I saw so many sea turtles, and a volcano, and had many Mai Tai’s and shaved ice. I watched hubby jump off a thirty-foot cliff at the southern most US point, and I made it almost waist-deep into the ocean. We played on rare black sand beaches, one of four green sand beaches in the world, and a fine white sand beach that was worth the long hike. I could go on and on…

We did this international convention in Seattle where I met so many people from twenty-two countries across five continents. I discovered K-pop through all my new Korean friends. Night and Day was definitely the K-pop song of the year for me.

My good friend moved to Texas, so I helped her drive and we did a three-day road trip. FYI, don’t go through the Arizona dessert in midday during the summer…you or your car may not survive. At one point, we ended up in Mexico. Then I spent a couple of weeks with my family in Austin.

Saris and Stories

I am one of seven South Asian romance writers who founded the Saris and Stories blog, which launched last summer. There, we discuss the way of the South Asian woman, writing, interviews, reviews, and pretty much anything that comes to mind.

Writing Dates and Authors

I’m fortunate enough to know some amazing local authors to have writing dates with. We have drinks and food and chat, but boy, do we get a lot of work done! They’ve been so supportive! Sometimes…a lot of the times for most of us…this business is not easy, and it helps to have the support of understanding friends.

Aside from local writers, I’m so grateful to have expanded my personal association with so many authors. I’ve met some truly outstanding people.


I brought my teacup Yorkie puppies home just before 2014, but I’m counting it for the year. Gambit and Rogue are such rambunctious treasures. I’ve enjoyed watching them grow and trying to train them…they still have a long way to go.


We recently relocated and I’m happy to have met a few new friends. I’m very introverted and quiet, so it’s nice to meet people who can bring the loud and crazy out of me.

Reading List

My reading list is endless and I’ll never catch up. There are books that catch my attention almost weekly. Between shelves of hardcovers and paperbacks, five different e-reader apps, and the local library, I’m about a hundred books behind on my TBR list. I read less books this year than last at a sad twenty-three. I could blame it on my edits, my release, traveling, etc., but I know some people who have similar or more grueling schedules and have read upwards to over two hundred books. Yeah. You read that correctly.

2014 had a lot of new and exciting things, and I’m certain 2015 will, too. I hope everyone had a wonderful year and that next year will be bigger and better.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Kindle Winner!

 Thanks everyone who entered to win a Kindle during our (mine and Reese Monroe's) blog tour for our releases. And...the...winner...is...

Jennifer Schultheis

  Congrats!! You have 72 hours to claim your prize. Email: reesemonroe (at) reesemonroe (dot) net with the subject line: Release Day Kindle Winner

Monday, September 15, 2014

Priya in Heels Release Day!

  It’s release day! Yay! Priya is out in the world and there’s a release week only special going on! You can own a digital copy of Priya in Heels for only 99 cents, yo. Saying that makes me automatically think of Macklemore’s Thrift Shop. Because, ya know…shoot, he had to get it cuz was only 99 cents, (bag it).

  Want to know what I did before the big day? Nothing. I cooked and ate and did my nails. I took a nap with my puppies while hubby watched football. Now if the Seattle Sounders had been playing, it would’ve been a whole other story! By the way, they did win last Friday. I know, my life is live-on-the-edge-of-my-seat exciting, isn’t it?

  What was I feeling the days leading up to release? Super calm and relaxed. I’ve already passed through the excited-out-of-my-mind phase, and then the oh-my-lawd-will-people-like-it phase.

  This is me. So chill. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Priya Blog Tour and Giveaways!

Priya in Heels releases tomorrow! Yay!! And there’s a special one week only sale, so grab it now, people! I’m so very excited to share Priya and Tyler’s story with all of you! It’s a story that’s very close to my heart, and I hope you love it. To kick off the release, below is a list of where I’ll be in the next couple of weeks. Drop by, leave comments, asks questions, and enter to win a ton of cool stuff.

I'll be dropping by at the Entangled in Romance blog throughout the week.

9/15: Facebook release party! Join over a dozen Entangled authors, including my release day partner, Reese Monroe, and myself for fun and lots of giveaways.

9/15: Of course I'll be hanging out with all of my lovely Desi sisters in writing at Saris and Stories.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Priya in Heels Cover!

A new adult title from Entangled’s Embrace imprint…

Love doesn’t conquer all…does it?

Priyanka Patel is the epitome of an obedient daughter. She’s finishing up her medical residency at one of Houston’s busiest emergency departments, and has agreed—albeit reluctantly—to marry the man her family has chosen for her. The only thing that can derail the “perfect” life laid out before her is the sexy musician down the hall who wants into her life…and into her bed.

Tyler O’Connor has been infatuated with Priya since she treated his sprained ankle in the ER, and after saving her from a brutal attack, he can't get her out of his head. When Priya puts her family's wishes before their relationship, agreeing to an arranged marriage with another man, Tyler is devastated.

But love is fierce and unreasonable and clashes with the carefully sculpted life her parents want for her. Is going after her heart such a big deal, or will it truly unravel Priya’s world?


Releasing September 15, 2014


And...here...IT IS...bask in all the cuteness! Oh, my LAWD!!! 

 More info under the Priya in Heels tab above.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Edits Done! And a Giveaway!

 Guess what? I'm DONE with edits for Priya in Heels!! What does that mean, exactly? It means all professional editing and formatting is complete and we are just a few steps away from sharing it with the world.
  I'm so excited, you guys! I literally cried writing this book. My sweat and tears, but not so much my blood, are in this novel. This is the book that spoke to my heart. This is the book that caught the attention of my literary agent. This is the book that sold to my crush publisher. This is the book that I love.
  What's left now? Oh, just a cover and a release date. Then actually releasing. And that means another giveaway (or several).  :-)
  Let's celebrate! Enter below for a chance to win an earring and necklace set with...you guessed it...heels.

*Update* Winner notified!

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Bollywood Revolution!

 As you know, I wrote a multicultural NA about the love affair between an American-raised, though culturally strong, young Indian woman and her deliciously intelligent American-raised Irishman.
  It's culture!
  It's a movement!
  Wait. What? Yes. There's been a movement in the publishing industry to provide more diverse books. I had no intention of doing this when I wrote Priya in Heels. I had no idea about this movement. It wasn't until after I'd received an agent and a publishing contract that I heard the rumors, the needs, the flat-out raise-your-voice supporters.
  Shortly after announcing my deal on Twitter, a group of gifted writers of Desi background approached me. They were putting together a Desi blog, Saris and Stories, and asked if I'd like to join. I was so thrilled to meet other Indian authors that I couldn't help myself. And that, in itself is a little sad, no? Why should I be so excited to see people of color, of my heritage doing what I'm doing? We shouldn't be such a slim minority that I wondered if I were the only one out there.
  We banded together and our collaborative blog launched last week with a blog post introducing each of us as well as some amazing prizes.
   Today, Romance University posted an interview with us. We're titled: The Bollywood Revolution. I never thought I'd become part of a movement. We need more color, more culture, more diversity in our books. A story transports minds, does it not? Why not transport yourself to the lush gardens of India, or the wild jungles of China, or the majestic plains of Africa...or simply put yourself into the shoes of the colored girl who sat beside you in math class? Trust me, it's a whole other world out there. Don't miss it.